There Was No One But You

I Have Not Seen Any One Like You

Who Loved Me More Than Love

With Never Ending Care From You

I Began To Love You

With Hundreds Of Reasons

You Will Not Believe It

How Much I Need You ..

Neither I Can Explain

Nor I Can Show It

I Urge To Have It

Till Last I Breathe..

I Will Love You ..

You Will Remain Silent In My Heart

Let Me Stay There Also

In Your Heart ..Some Where..

I Want To Get Mingle

With Those Lovely Beats ..

Ur Melodious Voice Makes Me

Feel Great Since That Time

I Love To Hear It

Those Emotions.. Ever I Got

Which Brought Colours

To My Universe

Took Me Into Another World

That Happiness , Being Loved

Still I Want That More ..

Your Love .. Your Care ..

Yesss ,, I Want More ..

The More I Want Ur Love

I Got Much Crazy Than Before …